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2017 was a historic year for Delaware Hospice – it marked our 35th year of service.

As we reflect on the end of our 2017, we think of those whose lives we touched, the ways we challenged ourselves to make a difference every day, and look back at our accomplishments.

We often ask ourselves: Can we do even more as the New Year dawns upon us? How can we build upon our 35 years to reach more individuals who are struggling with serious illness to improve their quality of life?

We want to thank those who have chosen Delaware Hospice for the care of your loved ones. We hope we have served you well, lightened your burden, and brought comfort to you and your family.

We also want to thank our dedicated, loving, compassionate, and hardworking 250 staff members and over 400 volunteers. Without them, none of what we accomplished would have been possible.

Our staff clocked more than 413,000 hours in 2017 ensuring Delaware Hospice cared for others while our volunteers donated over 17,500 hours of service.

Delaware Hospice served close to 10,000 individuals in 2017 through our various programs and services: Delaware Hospice, the Delaware Hospice Center, Delaware Palliative, Delaware Transitions, Katybug, and Bereavement services. New Hope, our program that supports children 6-17 both before and after an expected or unexpected loss, helped more than 10,000 children since its start in 1990.

As the only nonprofit hospice in the state, we depend on the generosity of the donations and grants from the community. To help meet our goals, we hosted more than 30 fundraising events in 2017 with each event attended by an average of 250 people. With the money raised, we are able to continue to provide programs and services to the community at little or no cost. No one is ever turned away due to their inability to pay for care.

To help spread the word about our care, services and events, we sent 61,200 emails and circulated 18,000 InTouch Newsletters as well as kept our 2,500 Facebook Fans and 500 LinkedIn Followers up to date with daily posts. We reached more than 1,600 each quarter with our Bereavement Newsletter. More than 45 people attended each of our monthly Lunch Bunch events where we share resources and information. And we did more than 300 educational presentations to the community in 2017.

We look back upon 2017 with pride. We’ll never forget the lives we touched because they touched our hearts in more ways than we can find the words to describe. We welcome the New Year with a renewed promise to do even more this year.