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ken-evelynWhat do families think of Delaware Hospice’s care of their loved ones?  Testimonials provided below were submitted by family members or taken from the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care Surveys in 2013 and 2014, conducted by Deyta, LLC.

“Your organization helped us out two years ago. I hope that your staff will see this message and recognize that their work, however painful and strenuous, is so worth it to people. You make an extraordinary difference in lives and I thank you so much. I will be grateful for the rest of my life, even if I don’t remember the names of all who were involved in the care of my family.”

M. Hunt


“All in all, I believe you folks are sent by God as his angel’s to provide loving care to those in most need of mercy.  Always there to provide support to our Mom and to myself.  Especially the Tuesday evening when Mom struggled with pain and anxiety. The nurse came out to us very late in the evening to help me administer pain medication.  It was a very long night for me; but, with proper instructions from the nurse, my Mom was able to be comfortable and sleeping soundly by 2 am, the next morning.  It may have been stressful for me, but my Mom was pain free.  It truly was the best night of my life.  To be there for her as she was so many times raising six children and being able to help her and be there when she cried out; a night that will remain in my heart until it’s my time to go home to God.  Thank you.”

“Thanks to all that we came into contact with, you all helped immensely.”

“We were pleased with all the places that Delaware Hospice’s care covered.  The nurses responded as soon as possible.  They answered all questions.  His comfort was always first and foremost while under their care.  They kept excellent records of all visits.  The services offered were top notch.  Thank you.”

“Excellent care, excellent communication from Delaware Hospice. I included our thanks to Delaware Hospice in Mother’s obituary.”

“I was very satisfied with Delaware Hospice. I am an RN and a volunteer for 15 years with Delaware Hospice. I always recommend Delaware Hospice over any other hospice.”

“Your people were very good and compassionate. Thank you. God bless the staff.”

“I was very happy to have all of the Delaware Hospice support when my husband was in the ER at the hospital. Delaware Hospice’s staff was wonderful! They saw to the family’s needs, as well as my husband’s.”

“Delaware Hospice was amazing to my Dad during his last days as well as giving support and help to my Mom. They are “Angels on Earth.”

“I truly loved everyone from hospice. Each was a special person and a great comfort. Only wish that they had been suggested sooner. The care provided by each one was step above the best and a great relief. Thank you hospice folks, you were all wonderful. May your good work continue to others in need.”

“Thank you. The Delaware Hospice team was wonderful. Thank God there is hospice service.”

“Hospice was wonderful to patients and family.”

“When my wife passed away on 12/25/13, there was an aide Yukiko Bise taking care of her. At the time of her death, Yukiko began singing very softly “Silent Night” in Japanese. I thought this was very caring and considerate on her part and my children felt the same way. We feel Yukiko is a credit to your organization and we are happy she was here on that day.”

“Michael’s nurse was always so kind and respectful, she is keeper. Also his social worker, Tilley, was awesome–so friendly and compassionate. What a wonderful person she was. Thank you to everyone who cared for my wonderful husband.”

“I cannot express the gratitude I felt while my mother was in hospice care. Every day of her last week of life was nothing but comfort and support. There was always someone from hospice staff there for encouragement. My sister and I, and our family, can’t thank you enough.”

“Delaware Hospice was a Godsend for my father. I am so glad he agreed to call upon your services at an early stage, because we developed a personal meaningful relationship with medical caregivers. At the end, you provided true solace and compassion.”

“Our family was very pleased with Delaware Hospice. We could not have asked for more. Everyone was willing to work with us to support and care for Dad, as well as my Mom and the whole family. We were so thankful this wonderful service is available and for the amazing staff who give so much to those they serve.”

“My mother could not have been in a better place than the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. That facility is fit for a king and queen and my mother was treated like a queen. I could not have picked a better or more beautiful place for my mother to have passed in. All the employees were awesome. I am very proud to say my mother was in one of the nicest places she was ever in and I am so glad she passed in your facility instead of a hospital. Thank you!”

“Our Delaware Hospice nurse and aide were absolutely wonderful! Couldn’t have asked for a better match!”

“My Mom received excellent care! Delaware Hospice and specifically Michele Smith and Erica Miller should be highly commended. They cared for Mom faithfully for five months and helped me, as Mom’s caregiver, carry out Mom’s desire to remain in my home. I will be forever grateful.”

“The care for my wife was always as it should be in the overall care. When problems arose, my sister-in-law always brought attention to any matters and the hospice team always worked it out and went beyond and above for our family. they were always caring in their care, respectful and available. We thank them and they should be commended.”

“The staff at your Milford Center were the nicest people and very helpful. I hope you can soon have a Center like that in New Castle County. Thank you for caring.”

“I was very satisfied. The Delaware Hospice Center in Milford was magnificent. The staff was great. My only regret is that my mom waited so long to bring hospice on board.”

“I continue to be impressed by the sensitivity and care provided by the hospice team. Each person who came was extremely willing and competent. I am more than happy to recommend your services to everyone I know. Such a hard-working group deserves recognition.”

“Everyone involved with my husband’s brief stay at the Milford Hospice Center was very helpful and extremely caring. We were both well taken care of by everyone.”

“My husband was moved to Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. The staff provided excellent care for him. In the setting and with his family present, it was just like being at home. I cannot say enough good about the care and concern extended to him and to our family. It is a wonderful organization.”

“I cannot say enough good things about the care and concern that my husband received. The doctors, nurses, and aides were wonderful. And being able to stay with him until the end was very comforting. I would also like to comment on the volunteers who came to my house. I found them to be very helpful.”

“The hospice teams were great. Always here when called, explained everything so I knew just what he needed. Can’t say enough about the quality of care.”

“My daughter was mentally handicapped and also had learning disabilities. She was always treated with respect by all the nursing staff and social workers. They always included her in their conversations at each visit. I commend them for their professionalism. Thank you to all.”

“You people just can’t be thanked enough.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Delaware Hospice and the women who helped us during our most difficult days. They could not have been more sensitive and supportive.”

“Hospice reps were very nice and friendly. Called me back whenever I left messages and were always eager to assist my family and I in any request made. My grandmother was in a nursing home and died the day after hospice was called. The nurse was very compassionate and seemed like she really cared after my grandmother passed. Hospice is a great organization and I would use this organization again.”

“Very thankful for everything hospice did for us. The nurses and aides are truly very special people for what they do every day. Thank you again for everything.”

“Hospice was wonderful. My father passed away very early on a Monday morning and Delaware Hospice was there helping through a difficult weekend, providing extra help, getting medication as the pharmacy was closing on a Sunday evening, countless phone calls always met with “No problem.” Many heartfelt thanks to a fantastic organization!”

“I feel very fortunate and privileged to have such wonderful people share in the care process.”

“I cannot express the gratitude I felt while my mother was in hospice care. Every day of her last week of life was nothing but comfort and support. There was always someone from hospice staff there for encouragement. My sister and I and our family can’t thank you enough.”

“I would highly recommend Delaware Hospice to anyone. God richly bless all of your team for all that you do.”