When diagnosed with a serious illness, life often becomes stressful, confusing and even frightening. Illnesses like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s, liver and lung disease, and kidney failure slowly decrease an individual’s ability to live life to its fullest.

Serious illness often drains energy and decreases spirit, and prevents us from managing even our basic needs. When illnesses progress they can overwhelm family caregivers who juggle new responsibilities, often with little community, spiritual and social support. Delaware Hospice can help through our Delaware Transitions program.

This unique level of support is designed to help people ‘where they are’ in the treatment or disease process. It is available to those who remain hopeful for a cure and are receiving curative treatment. Delaware Transitions offers support, education, guidance and resources at no cost to those living with a serious illness. Services are non-medical in nature and focused on:

  • reducing stress,
  • aligning resources and support,
  • helping navigate the healthcare system and
  • improving quality of life.

Services are provided by Delaware Transitions Coordinators and specially trained volunteers.

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We are happy to talk to you and help determine if Delaware Transitions is the right option. Call 800.838.9800.

Serving the entire state of Delaware, Southern Chester, and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.