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The Delaware Hospice Center

The Delaware Hospice Center is Here When You Need Extra Care and Comfort


At Delaware Hospice we strive to help patients remain in their homes, nursing home or assisted living communities. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it’s not always possible for hospice patients to continue their hospice care at home. Our complete spectrum of care, allows us to care for patients who may be experiencing an increase in symptoms that require a higher level of care. Periodically, someone coping with a serious illness requires short-term care in a facility. Our Delaware Hospice Center, located in Milford, offers an alternative to hospital care. State-of-the-art technology is blended with specialized, expert care in a comfortable, spacious and home-like setting.

Patient and Family Amenities Include:

  • All patients’ en-suite open to the garden with French Doors
  • Unrestricted visiting hours
  • All patient suites accommodate a limited number of overnight guests
  • Fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, and kids’ playrooms for a home away from home feeling
  • Wireless Internet access

Who Benefits Most From Care At The Center:

While all individuals under hospice care are eligible for care at the center, the Delaware Hospice Center is specifically designed for those who temporarily require a higher level of specialized care, including:

  • 24-hour acute symptom management
  • Uncontrolled pain requiring assessment, medication adjustment or skilled nursing
  • Change in intensity of symptoms requiring monitoring and nursing intervention
  • Medical conditions that are difficult to manage or cannot be managed at home

Once symptoms are under control patients return to care in the comfort of their own home, or wherever they call home. We invite you to take a virtual tour of the Delaware Hospice Center or call us at 800-838-9800 for more information.


One of the most caring, loving places you can ever, ever be. Thank you for ALL the love you have shared with many friends and many members of my immediate family.

The place is wonderful, including the staff. We got the best care.

This is a great place. My husband was there in March. They had a place for me to sleep and I was able to stay 24/7. The staff was great, the aides were wonderful, they really cared about my husband.


Directions to the Delaware Hospice Center:

Take Rt. 113 into Milford.  Driving south into Milford on Rt. 113, turn right on Airport Rd.  Driving north into Milford on Rt. 113, turn left onto Airport Rd.  Follow Airport Rd. for one mile and turn right at Independence Commons.  Proceed toward the Veterans Home.  Turn right on Patriots Way, before reaching the Veterans Home, and follow until you reach the Delaware Hospice Center.


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