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Volunteer Services

Volunteers make a significant contribution to Delaware Hospice’s mission. We rely on a large network of compassionate and sincere volunteers to provide the community with an extensive range of programs and services. If you are interested in a rewarding life experience, we invite you to become a Delaware Hospice volunteer today.

Online Volunteer Application

Delaware Hospice offers many types of volunteer opportunities. In fact, we’ll supply the training you need as well as ongoing support and education so you know the best way to help others. If you can associate with any of the following talents, Delaware Hospice may have a volunteer opportunity that is right for you:

Companion/Family Support/Transitions

I’m a great listener. I’m comfortable being in the presence of someone who might be vulnerable, tired, frustrated, or just in need of some company. I’m at ease with people in general, and happy to help with running errands.


I’m able to serve as a quiet presence and source of strength during the very intimate and emotional moments of an individual’s final hours. I can provide peace and comfort directly or on the sidelines, but I’m also able to create enough boundaries so I don’t become overwhelmed emotionally myself.


I can relate to the pain associated with loss, and I’m able to visit, listen, write notes of encouragement, or make phone calls to help people as they heal through grief. I don’t feel the need to hurry someone along the process, and will wait patiently as they move at their own pace.

New Hope

I have a passion for working with children who have suffered a loss. I relate to their special needs and am willing to learn more. I can assist leaders with crafts, games, and activities designed to help children identify and cope with their feelings.

Office Administration

I enjoy coordinating the details of office organization and data entry. No job is too small for me, such as filing or making copies. I know that working with even small details makes a vital contribution to Delaware Hospice and its mission.

Community Education

I demonstrate strong communications skills and enjoy the idea of raising awareness about the special needs people face at the end of life. I’m comfortable with public speaking and/or writing, and I like the idea of promoting a philosophy in which I passionately believe.

The Delaware Hospice Center

I’m personable and enjoy making people feel welcome. I can play card games or just sit and talk with patients, bake cookies for guests, or greet family members visiting loved ones. I’m happy to help with tasks that might be necessary around the center.

Fundraising/Special Events

I love to plan parties, make appeals for community support through fundraising, or serve as an extra hand during public events such as the Annual Jazz Brunch, the Festival of Trees, 5-K runs/walks, and our Annual Golf Outing.

Volunteers are required to be 16 years of age and are required to participate in an educational program to understand the concept and mission of hospice care.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact us at 800-838-9800 or complete an online application.