Grieving is a natural and necessary process after the death of a loved one or other life transition. The journey to acceptance, adjustment, and re-entry into a positive, fulfilling life is natural and necessary, too. Our counselors are here for you along the way.

Not only does Delaware Hospice provide expert grief counseling and support to families under our care, we offer resources to the wider community through individual counseling sessions, workplace programs, and children’s programs.

At times, you may experience difficulties sleeping, eating, or participating in activities which are normally enjoyable. You might encounter uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, guilt, and confusion.

For these reasons, Delaware Hospice is dedicated to providing grief counseling and support for bereaved individuals, families, community members, and children through a special program called New Hope.

“…the time I spent with him was precious and I got to know him all over again with these (hospice) visits, but I couldn't have done it without these special people in my life and his. Delaware Hospice is such a wonderful organization and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for my family and my Father.”
— Lorraine S., Carlisle, PA
Check out Delaware Hospice’s upcoming bereavement events in your area, or call 800-838-9800.
Download Your Loss, Your Grief (PDF):
an introduction to the grieving process.