Our grief counseling services aren’t just for families under the care of Delaware Hospice. Delaware Hospice’s LifeWorks Counseling is designed for any individual from the wider community in need of grief support surrounding any life-changing event.

Through LifeWorks, you have access to our master level therapists, who will assess your needs and make recommendations for care, including follow-up sessions or support groups.
Reasons to seek LifeWorks Counseling

Our skilled therapists can offer support and guidance during life’s transitional challenges such as the grief, trauma, and life adjustments that accompany:

  • A loved one’s sudden death, terminal illness, or death by suicide.
  • Your own chronic illness or diagnosis of a serious illness.
  • Caregiving responsibilities.
  • Divorce or separation.

The fee for a LifeWorks therapy session is $40.

“Thank you so much for taking care of our father. It allowed our mom to think and reflect on their life together over the last 38 years.”
— Phyllis A., Westminister, PA

Find out more about LifeWorks Counseling. Call 800-838-9800.

Serving the entire state of Delaware as well as Pennsylvania’s southern Chester and Delaware counties.