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In 2010, we at Delaware Hospice proposed a Delaware Hospice Center in New Castle County. This planned facility, similar to the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford, would have 16 patient/family suites and offer another option and a higher level of care to patients who would benefit from the services of a medically-directed facility on a short term basis rather than at home.

Much has changed in New Castle County and in the healthcare environment since we embarked on this project. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data, which we review regularly, has shown that the number of beds available for inpatient hospice care increased by 32% since we started planning the proposed Delaware Hospice Center in New Castle County. However, as this supply of beds has been growing, the number of people accessing and using inpatient hospice care in New Castle County actually decreased by 3% from this 2010 baseline.

So, after carefully and thoroughly analyzing these trends, the Delaware Hospice Board of Trustees decided to not move forward with the plans for a Delaware Hospice Center in New Castle County and halt its Capital Campaign.

This was not an easy decision.

For 35 years, Delaware Hospice has met our mission by operating responsibly and as good stewards of our resources. That means we must be nimble and be willing to adapt to changing environments. We cannot ignore the fact that today’s healthcare environment is very different than it was 2010. This was a difficult decision and we are confident that it is the right one for our organization and community.

We are grateful and appreciative to all the individuals, foundations and corporate donors who supported us. Now, we are beginning the process of contacting each donor who generously contributed. These donors will have the option of either having their contribution redirected to another Delaware Hospice service need or having their contribution returned.

Please remember that this decision only affects funding for the proposed Delaware Hospice Center in New Castle County. Delaware Hospice’s operational capabilities are unaffected as we continue our mission to provide the highest quality hospice and healthcare services and to serve as a trusted community partner in end-of-life education and support.

If you would like more information about this decision, please call us at 302-478-5088.

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